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Why Therapeutics?

When you go the doctor, or buy products in the chemist, even off the web you are mostly getting synthetic chemicals which are now seen by scientists as useless in benefiting skin.

In fact they are also seen as the main cause of skin related problems, as the chemicals strip away the protective oils in the skin and break-down your hydro lipid film - this is what keeps skin supple and stops it drying out.

Using harsh chemical shower gels, creams and gels removes that protective layer or replaces it with synthetic chemicals... Not good!

This characterisation of your personal care products from shampoos to shower gels to the very creams you get from the doctor are all making things worse.

(After all who thinks that things made from petrol are good for you)?

What you need to do is

  1. Stop using such things
  2. Use products which put back into the skin the essential fatty oils, which are only available from 100% natural products like ours.

This is why so many who use our products find they do things, others simply don't! 

Try some and see, even in there sample form you will start to see results.

Or feel free to contact or own scientist who also has 18 years’ experience in dermatology on help@therapeuticsskincare.com

Let us help you get your skin sorted quickly!