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why do naturals work better

in the last two years a bigger understanding has happened in the scientific world, with the demise of anti biotics scientists have been looking for alternatives and in the process have discover that right under there noses that many plant chemicals have amazing benafits and unlike drugs come with very little if any at all side effects.

Prof Brian Cox explained on TV a few years ago that we humans share a cellular make up very similar to plants, now they understand why such compounds in plants actually help us humans when we have ailments 

The old dock leaf you rub on skin after stinging nettles is one example known to many people,  but seriously products made from plants and not synthetics  or petrol which is what most skin care and even doctors products are made from really do help human cells where as the synthetics don't .. Prof Degrey of Cambridge university bio intelligence unit showed this in a 200 page report.

So that why using our type of all natural skin products can help your skin dramatically

What to use, how to use? Well get in touch with our scientist and biogerontology dermatologist and he will help  you to get the right products for your skin and how best to use them or 01299 253994   


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