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Why Are We Different

When most people have a skin problem the first contact can be the pharmacy or doctors, unfortunately the products which are often recommended are the usual synthetic harsh chemicals, many made from petrol. 
The research science world which we work in and includes many leading universities research shows that these chemicals are the biggest irritant to human cells.
This has not made it down to the medical world and may well be deliberately blocked so the current range of almost useless products are the only offerings available.
With us, you are getting the latest understanding in skin care.
This takes in recent studies which have been shown in clinical trials in the US that products made from natural plant extracts are massively more effective then medical equivelants.
Most skin complaints relate to inflammation, bacteria or mutation of cells. It has been well regarded by alternative medical practitioners and even endorsed by the next king of England that such naturopathic plant compounds have major health benefits to humans.
Such knowledge of botanicals has been put into creating our products, which is why we are confident they will help.


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