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What Is Rosacea?

Rosacea affects millions and is a growing at alarming rates
Rosacea can be an unattractive and embarrassing skin condition in more ways than one. It not only creates bright red patches and painful, unsightly pustules on the face but the flare-ups often occur during times of high excitement or stress.
Rosacea is a chronic, progressive disorder which is often distinguished by flare-ups followed by remissions. The condition isn’t life-threatening, but it can certainly be life altering due to its effect on your personal appearance. According to the National Rosacea Society, over 75 percent of people with rosacea feel the condition has affected their self-esteem. Many rosacea sufferers are uncomfortable in public settings and avoid social activities.
Do not feel alone.
In fact, many famous people suffer from rosacea (they just have better makeup artists than the common man/woman, and the general public rarely sees evidence of their condition). Cameron Diaz, Cynthia Nixon, Bill Clinton, Renee Zellweger, and Prince William all suffer from rosacea.
To make matters worse, most individuals try a plan of attack against their rosacea that includes abrasives and drying chemicals that aggravate and worsen the condition. Researchers are finding that natural compounds from plants are often more effective than traditional emollients made from synthetic chemicals.
Today, natural products that contain herbs, essential oils, and plant extracts are providing alternative emollients to the usual synthetic chemicals which can be an irritant.
Recent data from two clinical trials presented at the American Academy of Dermatology show a natural based regimen delivers improved skin health vs. dermatologist recommended synthetic counterparts - this is a breakthrough for those with skin problems.
Why Choose Therapeutics as your skincare if you have Rosacea ….
Our Therapeutics range was designed as a Natural Skin Care range suitable & safe to use for people prone to skin problems. We take away the potential irritants and replace them with 100% unadulterated botanical plant ingredients, essential and vital oils. These natural ingredients contain HUGE amounts of vitamins, proteins and minerals that feed your skin cells


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