Using Good Ingredients

Therapeutic Grade Natural Oils!

Therapeutic Grade Natural Oils are better than aromatherapy oils because they contain all the nutrition benefits from the root of the ingredient.

Therapeutics Skin Care contains only these natural ingredients, we distill all our ingredients from plants (also known as Plant extracts, vital oils and essential oils). One of the key natural advantages to using Organic Oils is the 'Therapeutic' benefits they provide; Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. These Natural benefits provide reduction in swelling, prevents infections from building and kills any bad bacteria which may cause problems. Organic Oils also contain rich sources of Anti-oxidants outside the super foods, as well as Amino acid proteins and Vitamins. This is essentially like feeding your skin a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables every day!


We are always here to help!

It can be a lonely place when you suffer with skin issues and sometimes you just want some honest advice. Therapeutics isn't about short term results; we are here for your long term benefit. And we know the long term solution requires more than using oils and creams... it does require your determination to lead a healthier lifestyle by maintaining a well balanced diet, enjoy a good night's sleep and avoiding chemical processed products. That's why we operate a free advice service where you can contact a collection of scientific biologists and dermatologist experts who can advise you on a best course of action, from what to avoid and what to use.

It's completely free and we're just a few taps away. You never know until you try! Drop us an email at