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Scottish scientist Sir Alexander Fleming, the man who would discover penicillin, spent his life working on medical science but did you know the discovery of penicillin was a momentous lab accident? A Petri dish was left by the window and when Sir Fleming left for a short holiday his lab assistant decided to open the window to ‘air’ the room out. When Sir Fleming returned he discovered a green mould called Penicillium notatum had contaminated his Petri dishes in the lab and were killing some of the bacteria he'd been growing!

Such a simple accident also led to the discovery of Therapeutics Skin Care (though not as life saving as penicillin, but still important nun the less). A Research & Development company based in Worcestershire were attempting to develop a new formulation to maintain hydration levels in the skin through Botany (plant extracts & Vital Oils mainly) without skin irritation.

The discovery came by accident when the company’s founder had burnt his finger in the office and couldn’t find anything nearby to stop the swelling. He applied a oil on his desk that was currently in development and carried on with his day. Within a few minutes the swelling had stopped and diminished completely. “What caused that to happen?”, asked the founder to his head scientist. His scientist stated the therapeutic grade essential oils are anti-inflamattory and anti-bacterial.

2 years later after much research Therapeutics Skin Care range was launched, Using scientifically proven botany extracts, naturally medicinal essential oils and therapeutic graded vital oils in all its products to help with a variety of skin problems.


Therapeutics has been scientifically formulated in the UK since 2003 and gives your body the right natural components for hydration in a selection of easy to use products, leaving you the choice to limit using prescribed drugs and harsher petro-chemical emollients.

The key to each formulation blend is the inherent properties such as anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory benefits. The secondary aspect is to apply hydration to the skin, keeping the skin supply and nourished so the body’s own natural immune system can take care of itself.

And thirdly we won’t cause any further irritations and sensitivities from the likes of artificial petro-chemical products, that have been clinically proven to cause dryness and major irritation. We make a promise that Therapeutics will never use distressing petro-chemical ingredients, with vast evidence stating these ingredients can cause further irritations and dehydration.

All our products are suitable for people prone to eczema, rosacea and psoriasis.


We have created organic formulations that still contain their therapeutic grade properties, these properties have natural rejuvenating benefits to the skin. Hence why we're called Therapeutics!

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