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See what other people say about our products, with most experiencing sucess our sample kits offer a great way to try before you buy:

Disclaimer: results can vary from person to person



Have been using your products for a few months now and have seen improvemens in my eczema which I am very happy about as I have suffered with this condition since I was a toddler

Disclaimer: results can vary from person to person


Rosacea Sample Kit

 Thank you for your reply. Have since received a sample of the Rosacea Face Wash, Oil and Moisturiser and have used twice daily since receipt of same. I am very pleased to say that my skin has MUCH IMPROVED. No more spots after the first 24hours, hooray! I am now ordering from your online ordering service a full set of the Rosacea skin care items

Disclaimer: results can vary from person to person


Thank you SO much for your very prompt and very useful responses! I will take it all on board! 

By the way, my middle son has a bit of eczema and can get pretty dry skin and after 3 years of trying to find something a bit more natural than the prescription creams the docs have given me in the past (most of which I confess I have looked at the ingredients of and then never used!) his skin with your oil on is silky smooth... no dryness, no eczema! It's lovely for him! Thank you! 

Disclaimer: results can vary from person to person


Rosacea Oil

Thank you very much for the samples, My skin love the rosacea facial oil and I noticed a difference straight away in the quality of my skin. Although the red bumps are still there, I felt they were definitely lessened by this oil. The facial wash is also really refreshing and gentle, (not sure if it was a bit drying, but the smell and feel was excellent) and the moisturiser great in this range, and doesn't irritate my skin at all, though not moisturising enough - though saying that, my neck has made an amazing recovery after just one application!

Disclaimer: results can vary from person to person

 reply from us ; OK CAN YOU APPLY The OIL ON WET SKIN AND REALLY MASSAGE IN , this stimulates the production of fatty oils by the skin itself, it also hydrates the skinNow I would think about using a small bottle of mineral water rather than tap as tap can have chemicals which dry out the skin . You may well find that you do this every day for a week to up the hydrating then slip into just 1-2 times a week


Rosacea Face Wash

Your Therapeutics Face Wash is by far the best product I have ever used. It feels gentle on my skin, and my acne went completely after I had used it for about ten days (I had bought a bottle before your sample arrived). I expect to be buying this again when my present bottle runs out

Disclaimer: results can vary from person to person




I wanted to say thank you for your emails and then telephone advice last week. I am very pleased with the improvement in my skin and have been using the samples and now full size products for a week. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending your company to anyone.. In fact as a community midwife I would be interested to know your thoughts on preventing stretch marks for the pregnant women in my care.

Many thanks for your expert advice and extremely prompt delivery of your products.

Disclaimer: results can vary from person to person



Rosacea Skincare Kit

: Just to say a big THANK YOU :). You suggested I try The Rosacea Kit on my skin and wow, results big time after months of trying to calm my skin down. I was getting a patch of little spots on my left cheek area every morning started off with one or two spots and then just before I started with your wash and moisturiser and oil about 5 or 6 fresh spots daily. Now NONE!!! Thank you very much. I shall use this now for the rest of my life and am in the process of choosing other body and hair washing oils/products in your range. Am holidaying soon in Morrocco so adding oils for the sun too. Again a big thank you

Disclaimer: results can vary from person to person 


Eczema / Psoriasis / Dermatitis

I spoke to you about three weeks ago with regards to a client of mine who suffers from a condition called Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (as a result of a bunion operation). I explained to you how deformed her foot had become and how cracked, sore and thickened the skin on the pad of her foot was. You explained to me what happens to the skin when it is removed with a scalpel by a chiropodist so we decided to try the Therapeutics Cream.

She didn't need much persuasion to use the cream as she is in so much pain she would try anything, Anyway, the upshot is after using the cream twice per day, the dry, dead skin has fallen away, the new skin underneath is soft, unlike before when it would just be red raw and the whole cycle of the skin thickening again would start all over. She has asked me to say thank you to you for your advice and she is going to continue with the Therapeutics cream, which I have ordered on her behalf.

Whilst I am emailing, I too have had great results with the Therapeutics cream as I do get eczema so it is lovely and soothing, and also your Natural Elements 10 Years Younger kit is working a treat. It’s nice not to have to wear face make-up anymore - something I didn't think I would ever be able to do again.

Disclaimer: results can vary from person to person



I have been researching products over the last few weeks for my partner. He has severe eczema and has really been suffering lately with sore skin.

Unfortunately he is skeptical about trying new products out there as he comes from a medical background. So going out of his 'comfort zone' is hard for him. The PC way of putting it is that this is probably why there’s said to be 30m searches for help each year on Google in the UK for skin problems alone. But it’s not really the medical profession’s fault because they are not taught chemistry so have no idea what is in products.

I have a few friends who are GPs and when in the past I have asked them to explain to me a), Why would putting petrol on your skin help it and b), if when you work with petrol you are required to wear protective skin clothing, how does it equate that it’s ok to put petrol on toskin one minute yet its consider damaging the next.

The look on their faces is a picture. Anyway, this is what things like Diprobase are made from - paraffin which in petro chemical chemistry is known as dirty petrol and often mixed with other synthetic chemicals perfumes and other harsh chemicals. That is what the medical professional endorses. I now know what Jamie Oliver was feeling trying to show the schools the error of their ways.No wonder he had a breakdown with it all.

At the moment my husband only uses Diprobase and seems to think there just isn't anything else out there... but his skin has really flared up and is so sore I think anything must be worth a try!! Which is why I am contacting you. Your website has caught my eye and really does seem to be the best out there, especially with all those amazing testimonials. My question to you would be, 'What product do you recommend as a trial'?

Disclaimer: results can vary from person to person

Our Response

What we need to do is see which range would suit your husband best. All of the products are Therapeutics but we need to know whether he is better with the ones containing essential oils or the ones without. It’s about 50/50 in terms of which work best and until we try them we won’t know.So what I usually do is send two sets of samples - one of each range. For instance, the body wash, oil, cream etc so we can see which range works best. Now sometimes the one with the essential oils can exacerbate the condition. There is unfortunately nothing we can do about that because there’s no way of knowing. However, usually that means the range without the essential oils but with the vital oils will be the one.

Ps while he is using the Therapeutics products, he must stop using any chemical shower gels, shampoos, cream etc. One petro chemical will wipe out the natural fatty oils, which give the skin a protective film from our products.

Please see the following link http://www.naturalelementsskincare.com/natural-vs-chemical


I wash my face with just water as I don't seem to be able to use anything else but take make up off with Vaseline. I wash under my arms with simple soap or in the bath with oilatum bath oil, neither of which are very satisfactory. I am using cetroban emolient cream as a moisturiser on my face and body.

At the moment I am using Head and Shoulders shampoo to try and stop the itching. -

Our Response

Water is very drying to the skin and takes the ph out. Products containing petrol chemicals are the worse for drying the skin and stripping away its hydro lipid film. And standard soaps and shampoos contain more drying chemicals than your skin and lips can handle. Try natural and organic products and I am sure you will see a difference immediately!!




I found you courtesy of Google. I am alive with eczema but only on my hands and fingers. I have been through all of the potions and creams courtesy of Boots and even Hemp from the Body Shop. If it’s on prescription I’ve also tried it, usually steroid type creams. I am buying similar from the health shop but minus the steroid. I do the dishes using latex free gloves. I’m unsure where to go from here.

My symptoms seem very much on the fingers. Sometimes it is like a straight cut with a knife, not deep enough to bleed (not always anyway) but enough to make a welt. But more often than not it’s crusty and looking and feeling very sore. I can no longer even do up my own shoelaces or the zip on my bag, I have to get others to do it for me. Please help.

Our Response

I am sending you samples of our hand wash and cream to try. Ideally you should also avoid the chemical shampoos and shower gels so I am also sending you some samples of ours.

You need to use the Therapeutics hand wash instead of soaps and other hand washes, and the Therapeutics cream after they get wet. Your condition should start to ease. You may also have a latex allergy and certainly the chemical shampoo/ shower gels daily will not be helping.

Suggestion - if you see a form of repair by using the hand wash instead of the soaps and the cream after, say, a day or two, then it will show that cutting out all contact with chemicals will result in your skin totally healing. I would then suggest you buy into a lifestyle of using only our products daily, from washing your body and hair to applying hand wash.And always apply the cream after they get wet. You don’t need much at any one time - just enough to put the protective film back on the skin and balance its ph.



My skin used to be well behaved, I've used Dermalogica for years and most recently I have tried to switch to natural products. Around a year ago, occasionally my skin would flush bright red and burn for no apparent reason. I thought it was like a histamine reaction to food or my products, so I started taking digestive enzymes, vitamin B, opti zinc for my immune system and metagenics probiotic, the non-dairy version. Anyway, after this burning which could last half an hour, I was left with a mild rash.However, it was awful and as it healed it took over two weeks.My face felt like light sand paper… AWFUL! This upset me so much, it would happen every 3-6 months. So I started using the ultra calming cleanser by Dermalogica, for reactive skin and the ultra calming mist as a toner. I've never been very good at moisturising as most expensive products give me rashy bumps, but I still used the lightest formulas I could find to minimise the allergy. So my skin care routine was Ultra calming cleanser Daily Microfoliant Ultra Calming Mist (all Dermalogica) and MD Formulations Critical Care Calming Gel for Rosacea, (yes I thought I had that). My skin seemed fine for a while and I then switched my toner for organic rose water. My skin was amazing for a month and then again, I started getting the burning redness, only this time it was worse. I noticed after rose water my skin felt tight and dry and sometimes I'd wake up in the morning with what I can only describe as bright red burn like patches on my face around the bridge of my nose and top of my cheeks. After the redness went down – it took 3-4 days - my skin would be rough and scaly around the area. I then switched to a manuka floral water and had lovely skin for a month. But then my skin became very oily and just clogged looking. I'm wondering if I am allergic to floral waters??? Surely not if they are so natural??

Basically anything that is supposed to be good for the skin reacts on me in some way. What am I doing wrong??

Whilst looking at the ingredient list on my moisturiser I see a preservative by the name of diazolidinyl urea. I read this can cause contact dermatitis. I'm so confused as to what is causing this rash. It has got to the point that no matter what I use on my skin, however natural, I get a rash, tightness and itching, I have also used the MD Formulations Moisture Defense Antioxidant Hydrating Gel, which was lovely at first and then made my face dry. It is the same preservative in this also.

I tried buying Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Gel and I got a rash. I tried pure hyaluronic acid that cost me £60. I got another rash!!!

Our Response

Jenny - your skin is saying it’s in turmoil. And that's because of the chemical rubbish you are putting on it. They are all chemicals and as for the rose water, I'm not sure about that at all.

I think you at a stage when you can say you are MCS (Multi Chemical Sensitive) and you need to settle it all down with a range which is 1, ph neutral; 2, no allergens (not even natural ones); and 3, use as minimal an amount of products as possible.

So go for this range: https://www.therapeuticsskincare.com/suitable-for-allergic-sensitive-skin. There is no toner - just the oil and then the moisturiser in this range.Take your makeup off with the face wash or cleanser and that's it... nothing else other than a bit of makeup. Use the oil followed by the cream on top. And if you find it tight or dry, apply the oil twice a week on damp skin and use purified wate, ie bottle not tap.

If you do this then things should settle down after a few months or maybe even weeks. Then we can try you on other naturals after that.



Just a quick email seeking some advice. For a good few years now I have had a few patches on my scalp which are very scaly and unpleasant (psoriasis).
I have tried many creams prescribed by my doctor, ie Cocois, Sebco, Betacap as well as things like Cider Vinegar and more normal creams. Unfortunately all of these only provide a temporary halt in the condition. 
Having visited your website I am now writing for advice on which product you might suggest is worth me trying. 
Obviously I have done some research and there is a minefield of products out there. I am extremely pessimistic that any can provide a cure but am willing to give Therapeutics a go. 

Our Response

Ok - all shampoos are much the same, ie there about 1-2% difference between most, which is usually just the colour or perfume used, ie they are all harsh chemicals based!

What chemicals? Well, think oven cleaner type/ petro chemicals and you’re on the button. Now, what does that mean to your skin?

Such products dry out the skin and remove the hydro lipid film, which is you big protector.I will send some samples for you to try from our different ranges and you can see which ones suit you best before buying the full sizes.

I will send you two different ranges - one for psoriasis and the other for allergies, which 50% of the time works better.Try one for one day and the other the next to see which one works best.


Our son is 13 years old and he has had a skin problem since he was a baby. All over his body is a red-like rash. Sometimes when he itches, he starts bleeding. He has dry skin and a dry skull. His current medicine is Doublebase and Dermovate Ointment but it seems not to have a lot of effect.

Our Response

Hi – I will send two different range samples - one for eczema and one for allergies. Try some one day and then the other the next and see what works best.

Note: because there two different ranges one of them may well not work and even make worse as the essential oils may be an allergen in themselves where as the other may work better because it doesn’t contain essential oils.

Now this is not enough to make a huge impact – you are looking for small gains because you will have to be using them for weeks and even months to turn the skin around. It's been so long since the skin's PH has been normal…. so don't expect overnight success.

How to use them: use the body wash, and then apply the oil and cream after. And continue to apply the oil and cream all day if you can. You need to bombard the skin with them.

I suspect the allergy products are going to do this best but it may also be a combination, ie allergy body wash followed by allergy cream, then later that day the eczema cream. So experiment and always do a small patch test first.

What you have been using is petrol, ie paraffin on the skin and if you research petrol chemicals like paraffin, which is what Doublebase and Dermovate Ointment is made from, then you will see that they are a huge irritant to skin as you would expect. How they came to be the recommended products I really don't know but I suppose they can't even tell/check if horse is in our meat and that's food so it’s not really surprising they think that petrol is okay, even though common sense would say it's not.

See attachments about it and the understanding to me is how such petrol removes things like paint and it therefore certainly removes the skin’s own natural protective film called the hydro lipid film. When you do that daily, you expose the skin to all manner or issues, from pollutants to infection to it drying out and cracking etc.

Natural oils like ours don't do that. In fact, they strengthen the film and the skin, making it even more restraint.Try to apply the cream and oil at least once a day on damp skin to give it a drink if you like. That's very important if it's drying out.

Now if in the sun like holiday time etc, talk to me about what needs to be done before putting SPFs on which will make it all come back.

Sorry it's so long an email but hopefully you can get 15 yrs worth of knowledge in a few lines and that's when you will start to improve things.



I have eczema, which is very dry and itchy. I have it on my legs and fingers. I’m using white lux soap and E45 lotion but it’s not helping me at all.

Our Response

That’s because they are made with synthetic chemicals, mainly petrol, which strips the skin’s own natural hydro lipid film. However, our naturals actually reinforce the film on the skin.

Everything you use, from shampoos to shower gels and soaps to creams are made from harsh chemicals. Please see attachments.

Our products aren’t and that’s why they work when others don’t.


I'm just so sick of being told, 'you need this.....or you need that'......and then looking at the label....thinking to myself.....'and why on earth would I need THAT...cringe, cringe!'. I just think that thousands of women are being totally conned every day, and the cosmetic industry is just rubbing its hands together.

Our Response

You know you are absolutely and completely right a hundred million percent and they can’t say it’s the trusting element of women because the are doing it to men now who are buying by the bucket load.All of the men’s ranges are full of synthetic petro chemicals, all because their favourite celebrity is shown to use it.

I even had an argument yesterday on email by the director of a West End London show who said it was ridicules to say his eczema was cause by chemicals in what he uses.It’s unbelievable the marketing is so strong that common sense is completely lost. So I understand how you feel, especially when you see people become multi millionaires selling completely harmful products made in china for three times our prices and people lap them up.


I use oilatum bathing soap to wash and oatmeal collodal cream, vaseline and some steroids for the bad areas and as body lubricants. Thanks

Our Response

All contain synthetic chemicals. Try a natural range and see what happens



Hi there. My 13 year old daughter has developed eczema a year ago and I have been struggling to find something that works.

I have tried Diprobase cream, ointments, hydrocortisone ointments, oilatum bath oils etc, all of which have no effect..... Most days her skin is dryer within twenty minutes of the last application or use.

The problem areas are her face, particularly her eye area (the lids as well as under eye), which has darkened and wrinkled excessively (she is of Afro Caribbean descent), her neck, whole arms and whole legs. Her skin is best described now as dry and ashy as an elephant!

Our Response

All that you are using is made from synthetic petro chemicals, ie petrol! Which is stripping the skin’s own oils. Use natural products and there will be a difference. Wash and oil on damp skin, then cream on top. Apply the oil and cream 2-3-4 times a day if you can. Do not use the chemical products at the same time. This is the range you want www.therapeuticsskincare.com. Please see attachments


And it goes on and on... Just a few day’s worth!!

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