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Synergistic Body Oil 300ml (UVA Sun Protection)

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250.00 Grams
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Product Description

If you suffer from reactions to sunscreens or have skin problems like eczema use this oil on its own or under your spf  to prevent prickly heat, hives or eczema being caused by the chemicals in spf's sun creams.Suitable for all skin types especially people with highly reactive sensitive skin and people that are eczema prone. The oil contains 3 vital ingredients, the most neutralising natural oils which fight against free radical damage (this is what causes the worse forms of undetected skin cancers)


WHAT IS UVA Protection and why do natural oils stop this 

Cases of skin cancer have risen five times higher than they were during the mid 1970’s, according to Cancer Research UK. Even people who have always worn SPF protection or who
have never exposed themselvesto the sun for long periods of time are also claiming to have been diagnosed with the disease.
How is this possible? The hidden danger is UVA, which many high street sunscreens do not offer protection against. It is important that you protect yourself against UVA, as UVA penetrates the
skin to the deep layers of the dermis, close to your nerves and glands, and mutates cells that are being formed in the lower dermis.
UVA is a radiation photon free radical that is present everywhere there is light, all year round. So, even in the shade or through a window, you are not protected.
  We have found that vital oils can neutralise UVA free radical rays because of huge amounts of antioxidants in them the perfect natural alternative to products full of chemicals.

 how to use:

apply on its own but be very careful not to over expose to direct sunlight or you surface will burn.The burn comes form uvb light this is what your spf reflects, if you are carful and get in the shade or wear a hat/ tea shirt etc a lot of the time you can find you don't need a spf with the oils stopping the uva damage which you get all the time even in the shade. This can help your eczema by allowing the healing power of the sun to be of a benefit ie small amounts of sun which gives you vitamin D which the oil allows where spf’s block which can help your eczema but small amounts ie in and out the sun and shade, when you get a  tingle to the skin or start to go red get in the shade.

If you have been in a pool/ sea shower off with fresh water and while the skin is still wet apply the oil and massage into the skin this is super good for eczema and hydrates the skin, basically your doing everything the skin wants ie water and oil this is tremendous for skin problems you give the skin what it needs to repair itself.