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Suitable to use with Dry Skin Eczema & Psoriasis:

Eczema can be a difficult skin condition to treat, most GP’s struggle to help with it, steroids are often used which over time will thin skin  ' mostly unrecoverable from' They can also cause discolour ie dark skin has white patches and white skin has dark patches   Eczema is usually long term and can flare up when skin becomes irritated or hot,  it’s often prolonged by using products made from synthetic chemicals like shower gels and petro-chemicals lotions
If you find the products you use or been prescribed don’t help, try using our naturals you will be surprised just how effective they are 

New research has recently shown that a large part of eczema can actually be caused by a bacteria found in the skin and most of today's solutions have little effect against this bacteria. {Dr Herbert B. Allen, a professor at the Drexel University College of Medicine and the chairman of the dermatology department, has reportedly discovered the cause of eczema, an inflammatory and itchy skin disorder. The report, released on JAMA Dermatology, states that the staphylococcal bacteria that live on the skin may be the cause of eczema. Such bacteria produce a biofilm that blocks sweat ducts, which activates molecules in the body’s immune system, causing itching and irritation}.

ALSO Recent data from two trials presented at the American Academy of Dermatology in 2018 show a natural based regimen delivers improved skin health vs. dermatologist recommended synthetic counterparts - this is a breakthrough for those with skin problems... nature can help you & that's been proven. 

Our Therapeutic grade organic formulations are naturally able to destroy these kinds bacteria's!


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