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Prone to Allergies?

Here at Therapeutics, we believe healthy skin doesn’t just come from using good products but also from well-being and a balanced diet. You can use this logic for many health-related topics like having a cold for example, you’ll get better if do everything in your power to not help the cold persist like, wrapping up warm, eating well and having early nights. So, here are our tips to help you achieve healthier looking skin from the comfort of your own home.

Firstly, we suggest following a healthy, balanced diet. Which seems easy as you can make good choices by looking at the recommended daily intake labels that are on nearly every product now. However, you’ll often see very low intake of certain dietary materials like fibre and carbohydrates and rarely find information regarding vitamins and minerals which are crucial to maintaining healthy looking skin. We recommend cutting down on processed food in your diet like cakes, biscuits, packaged ham and corned beef and find healthier alternatives like fruit, homemade equivalents and lots of water to ensure the skin is receiving the right nutrients to continue looking healthy.

Secondly, having a healthy mindset will do the body wonders! This will help you motivate yourself to lead a healthier lifestyle as you’ll find yourself exercising more often without much thought or effort, you’ll be more experimental with the food you create and will ultimately have the vision to be a healthier and better you. These slight changes all come from a positive well-being and if continued will become second-nature, thus contributing to healthier looking skin.

Finally, we are now going to talk about a good natural skin care routine and that’s where Therapeutics comes in to play. We offer a natural skin care alternative suitable for people prone to skin conditions, we don’t sell miracle creams or medical solutions, but our offering is for those who wish to avoid reactive synthetic chemical ingredients found in most everyday personal care products. So, if you are willing to make the well-being and dietary changes, why not change your skin care as well. We offer samples on all our ranges, so if you’re not sure if they’re right for you, why not give them a try for only £1.99 plus FREE DELIVERY.

For more information, check our website and if you still have questions or would like more help, feel free to contact us at

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  • Therapeutics

    Complete Facial Skincare Kit for Sensitve skin

    What is it? Our Sensitive Skincare Kit has been specially put together to combat Sensitive or Allergen Prone Kit. Sensitive Skin is often confused with Rosacea prone skin when you have red, flushed skin. We have seen many cases of people believing they...

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  • Therapeutics

    Facial Oil for Sensitive Skin & Allergies 30ml

    What is it? Our Facial Oil for Sensitive Skin is an indulgent, fragrance free elixir that absorbs quickly and penetrates deeply, to instantly bring relief from sensitivity and irritation. Powerful antioxidants optimise cellular function, boosting...

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  • Therapeutics

    Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin & Allergies 50ml

    What is it? Our Moisturisier for Sensitive skin or Allergen Skin is a 100% Natural moisturiser with Aloe Vera to help counteract the ageing and collagen-destroying effects of ‘free radicals’ and sunlight, whilst calming the appearance of...

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  • Therapeutics

    Body wash & Shampoo for sensitve skin 300ml

    What is it? A 100% true ALLERGY FREE shower gel and shampoo. Designed for the most ultra sensitive skins or scalps… contains cocoamidopropylbetaine, a coconut derived foaming gel which is heralded by scientists as the biggest breakthrough for...

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  • Therapeutics

    Face Wash for Sensitive Skin & Allergies 200ml

    This is an amusing little video (not by us by the way) but really does sum up why we are different because we don’t use all the harsh chemicals thus you would not  go through all this by using our face wash it very funny and I’m sure 99%...

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  • Sample Kit for Sensitive Allergen Prone Skin - Organic

       What is it? A Sample Kit to allow you to try the products before you decide to invest in the full size products. The products have been developed for those that have sensitive skin that stings easily, or allergies causing redness and...

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