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Suitable for people prone to Dry skin & Eczema

Statistics show 1 in 10 people suffer from eczema and 1-2 with Dry Skin which often is a condition associated with eczema, this statistic is increasing year on year at alarming rates. But, the products on offer at your pharmacist are usually synthetic petrol-chemical / synthetic creams or steroid products and in many cases make things worse . New research has recently shown that a large part of eczema can actually be caused by a bacteria found in the skin and most of today's solutions have little effect against this bacteria .Nor do they moisturise very well, because they are made from the synthetic chemicals which over time make the skin dryer and makes eczema worse.

Also this year clinical evidence was presented to the dermatology society in the USA that naturals work better by a huge margin over such synthetic chemical products .

We make only 100% natural Skin Care products they also contain natural oils which attacks the bacteria. They also hydrating the skin with only high grade natural botanical ingredients and not the synthetic petrol chemicals  A professor from the Molecule Intelligence Unit of Cambridge University summed it up when saying, “synthetic, heavy chemicals (which are petrol chemicals) are damaging and decaying to human cells” 


This picture above was sent to us by one of our customers. This was her daily routine, bombarding the skin with reccomended products full of very harsh-chemical ingredients. Many of the ingredients used in these products have been clinically proven to strip skin tissue of its natural oils (not exactly hydrating!?) Its up to you of course, but we prefer natural emollients to help our skin.   


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