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Sensitive & Red Skin

Many people who have red skin are often diagnosed incorrectly as having Rosacea when in fact they have extra sensitive skin Allergy UK call it MCS 'multi chemical sensitivity.      

Our Sensitive Skin Care Range has been developed with Sensitive Skin in mind. If you have sensitive skin that stings easily, or allergies that cause redness and flaking, it’s important to use products containing naturals and allergen free ingredients to help bring your skin back into balance. Sensitivity often follows a reaction to topical application of products. So, if your skin is reacting to pretty much anything you put on it, it’s time to switch to us

Blended with precision for concise results, our allergen-free skincare products are made without petrochemicals, parabens or essential oils, just unadulterated vital oils to benefit those with hyper- sensitive skin. Our natural ingredients are enriched with antioxidants, vitamins and skin nutrients that will super-charge your skin with hydrating, protecting and soothing properties.

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  • Sensitive Skincare Kit - Organic


    Sensitive Skincare Kit - Organic

    What is it? Our Sensitive Skincare Kit has been specially put together to combat Sensitive or Allergen Prone Kit. Sensitive Skin is often confused with Rosacea prone skin when you have red, flushed skin. We have seen many cases of people believing they...

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  • Sensitive Shampoo & Body Wash - Organic - 300ml


    Sensitive Shampoo & Body Wash - Organic - 300ml

    What is it? A 100% true ALLERGY FREE shower gel and shampoo. Designed for the most ultra sensitive skins or scalps… contains cocoamidopropylbetaine, a coconut derived foaming gel which is heralded by scientists as the biggest breakthrough for...

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  • Sample Kit for Sensitive Allergen Prone Skin - Organic

    Sample Kit for Sensitive Allergen Prone Skin - Organic

       What is it? A Sample Kit to allow you to try the products before you decide to invest in the full size products. The products have been developed for those that have sensitive skin that stings easily, or allergies causing redness and...

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