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Sensitive & Allergies

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What is Sensitive Skin?


Sensitive skin is often characterised by redness, itching or dryness, often following a reaction to topical application of products or environmental factors.


What causes Sensitive Skin?


Sensitivity occurs when the skin's protective barrier is comprimised, causing skin to become susceptible to external irritants.



If you have a skin allergy your reactions are caused only by contact with that allergen (although, your skin can be allergic to several things).

Skin sensitivity is caused by a general irritability of the nerve endings in the upper layers of your skin, which can be brought on by a combination of different factors. If you’re allergic to something, you could develop a rash on contact, with itching or burning sensations. Allergic skin reactions tend to be more severe than reactions of sensitive skin but both can benefit from a natural routine.


Our solution is natural and organically derived skincare


Allergen free, products made without petrochemicals, parabens or essential oils, just unadulterated vital oils to benefit those with hyper- sensitive skin. Our natural ingredients are ethically sourced and enriched with antioxidants, vitamins and skin nutrients that will super-charge your skin with hydrating, protecting and soothing properties.

From experience, we’ve found removing the chemical irritants and switching to a natural, very basic routine supports the hydrolipid film, reducing redness, irritation or dryness over time to restore balance.

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