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eczema and dry skin

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I have dealt with eczema all my life with prescribed creams ointments and bath oils all from the doctor I've also tried other high street creams.I get it on my face back of neck and top of back and in the creases of my arms and( hands recently)

this is very typical of what we hear  99% of the time , doctors don’t have a clue or even want to have info from scientists like myself who are aware of what can impact on such skin conditions.....So how can you change this? It’s relatively easy but it takes action from yourself to do it.   

Every single thing you will be using and have been prescribed by GP’s etc is made from synthetic and often petrol chemicals they are the general things used in everything from shampoos to shower gels, soaps, creams and even oils i.e. they are all mostly made from petrol.

Now a long time ago it was believed and still is that such petrol chemicals and synthetics coated the skin to protect it, to trap moisture in, a bit like a film on the skin, but this is totally and completely wrong, in fact it could not be more wrong and the worse thing to do ..WHY?

Well such chemicals are now seen by top scientists whose research into understanding human molecules/ cells have seen that the compounds of such chemicals is the worse thing human cells can have near them ( this is scientists who are involved in research into immortally and backed by the likes of Bill Gates so a leading research project) such chemicals interfere with the human cell to such a extent that earlier this year a article in main stream news said that you are getting more polluted by what you wash in and use as toiletries/ skincare than what comes from vehicle exhausts.

So there you have it, not only will you be using the wrong thing but actually they are causing it ! 

So what can you do ? well that's easy, very easy, stop using things made from them, and use things which are actually good for your skin. 

Make us a list of everything you use and  we will show you what’s in them / made will be shocked  

Now what can you use? Well we make  a range of things which are good for your skin and only from plants, not harsh chemicals but also its about using them in a certain way, which we will show  you how to use.

if you are interested in knowing more and even trying some then contact us on  

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