Moisturising Cream 200ML - (For Eczema, Psoriasis & Dermatitis) Lavender, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree & Patchouli

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What it is: An extra rich, Moisturising Cream for Eczema from our Therapeutics range, rich in antioxidants and featuring an array of skin conditioning vitamins to quickly replenish moisture, whilst soothing irritation and repairing damage to the skin’s surface.

Enriched with hydrating, repairing and rejuvenating properties our specially formulated Emollient Cream for Eczema forms a thin surface layer acting as a barrier to prevent water evaporation. Ideal for leaving sensitive skin feeling soft and smooth whilst relieving dry and cracked skin.

The blend works quickly to dispel bacteria, balance PH levels and eliminate rough elbows, knees and other scaly patches, it’s particularly suitable for areas which are suffering from Eczema, Psoriasis or fungal infections with actives combining to provide the ultimate indulgence of long-lasting hydration.

Key Actives:

Lavender: A powerful anti-inflammatory which helps reduce skin inflammation & redness. Whilst locking moisture back into dry peeling skin

Aloe Vera: Hydrates, cools and calms the skin, rich in antioxidants alongside Vitamins C and E

Tea Tree: Alleviates inflammation, with anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties -reduces itching and staves off infection due to excessive scratching

Patchouli: Healing properties soothes inflammation, locks in moisture and calms irritation


  • Replenishes moisture and provides relief from itchy, dry and cracked skin
  • Balances PH levels
  • Provides relief from fungal infections
  • Can be used on babies to help relieve the symptoms of nappy rash