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How to use

We don’t sell miracles creams here! We don't offer some kind of miracle potion in a bottle. Our products are designed to be used for people prone to skin problems. Over time your skin will bounce back and avoiding reactive chemical ingredients will help your skin breath for the first time! Here’s a few guidelines to using Therapeutics:

-          You have to use the products everyday (try doing it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening). The more you use the more hydration and positive benefits your body absorbs.

-          Don’t use anything with synthetic chemical ingredients: this is the tough part because so many products on the market have these ingredients. The reason is these synthetic formulations are likely making the siutation worse by stripping natural oils from the skin and contributing to the skin issue. Think of it like your giving yourself a detox! Get rid of the chemicals going into your body and getting natural goodness in for awhile instead.

-       You’ll get in the first few days some reduction with inflammation as the ingredients calm the skin down (like redness etc). If you have any  acne issue that will take longer as the ingredients will destroy the infections in the upper dermis and provide hydration.

-          Make sure you follow the instructions and commit to regular use. The more commitment you put in to yourself, along with a good diet and an impactful exercise routine...the better and quicker results you'll find in helping yourself get back to a healthy state.

-          The routine is really simple; 1) wash your face with the face wash (that takes out the dirt and infections 2) apply the oil - this calms the skin and penetrates deeper into the dermis layers 3) apply the moisturiser – this seals in hydration, which is key to skin health and also helps seal the oil’s properties in the skin so its absorbing everything it needs.

Don’t worry…Here to help

We provide free confidential consultation with our dermatology experts to support you feeling confident again.

It can be a lonely place when you suffer with skin issues and sometimes you just want to some honest advice. Therapeutics isn’t about short term results; we are here for your long term benefit. And we know the long term solution requires more than using oils and creams suitable for people prone to skin problems…it does require your determination to lead a healthier lifestyle by maintaining a well-balanced diet, enjoy a good night’s sleep and avoiding chemical processed products.

That’s why we operate a free advice service where you can contact a collection of scientific biologists and dermatologist experts who can advise you on a best course of action, from what to avoid to what to use. Its free and we’re just an email away.

01299 253 994

You never know until you try!


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