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Facial Spots

Why do you get spots ?

It can be hormonal, it can be what you're using in skincare products, or it can be from your make up. Its also possible you produce to much oil in the skin! Whatever the cause, you need a good skin care range and a routine that ensures your skin is kept in the very best condition...naturally of course! You want that make up off when you clean your skin, you want the oil removed , and you want it as fresh as a daisy. But, you don't want hash chemicals to dry out the skin, which is what you get in so many products for your skin type.

This range is made only from 100% natural and effective anti bacterial plant extracts so its really gentile but also very powerful. It will clean the skin intensely, it will remove oil and make up that's becoming a blockage for pores and then restore your skin to its natural Ph without all the harsh chemicals and alcohols. Still not sure? try the sample kit for a couple of days. Our natural products are lovely to use because your getting 100% pure form of certified organic natural botanicals. Not a little bit...100%! We're also 100% VEGAN! and cruelty free. But, just remember you need to use the products  on a daily basis to see the effect so don't expect miracles from 1 application of the sample products.    

All products are dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic.

Email from Sonja:

Re: Thank you

Hello, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the spots and acne range, after suffering for 20 years with sore spots and being self conscious I had tried everything, both prescription and over-the-counter washes, ointments, masks, also being on anti biotics for years I thought that there was no point in trying anything else, then I came across your website and decided to give the sample pots a try, well! Straight away it felt like my skin was calming down and clearing up, I was amazed! , from the age of 11 I have not had a day without my face feeling sore and covered in spots, today I have 1 small spot that is disappearing as quickly as it appeared, I am so grateful and actually feeling quite emotional writing this, your products have changed my life in just a couple of months, I am so much more confident and actually don't want to stay home every day, I just wish I'd discovered you earlier, I just want to let you know you much you've helped me, thank you so much, Sonja Customer for life xx

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