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The Do’s and Don’ts for Problem Prone Skin This Holiday Season

The Do’s and Don’ts for Problem Prone Skin This Holiday Season

Posted by Kelly Duncan on 7th Aug 2018

Some of you may have already enjoyed your week by the pool or booked a week off to enjoy the UK sunshine or maybe you’re eagerly awaiting the Airport run to start your holiday! We’ve pulled together some simple tips to help you look after your skin whilst on holiday.

Can I go out in the sun if I have a skin problem?

This isn’t a simple yes or no answer because different skin problems are caused by different things. If it’s a sensitivity-based skin ailment like Rosacea or Psoriasis, then the sunshine will make it better.

However, if it’s an infection-based ailment like Eczema then you should avoid direct sun for prolonged periods of time because unfortunately, it will make it worse. Especially if it’s a dryer heat or low humidity.

Will the Chlorine effect my skin?

Yes, unfortunately Chlorine is a pretty strong chemical and will irritate any kind of skin problem. However, if you just can’t resist sunning it up on the Lilo then apply one of our Oils & Creams before you get in the pool and this will protect your skin from the effect of the Chlorine, creating a barrier to refuse the entry of any nasties!

Can I use an SPF?

With or without any kind of skin problem, we always say no to SPF but having any kind of skin ailment makes it a lot more important to avoid things like SPF. We recommend enjoying the sun in 20-minute intervals and trying to be in the shade for as much of the day as possible, particularly between 11am- 3pm when the sun is strongest.As long as you are not sat in direct sunlight for 10 hours and using our Oils & Creams before sun exposure, this will help protect your skin from sun damage and further irritation or sensitivity.

The biggest thing we can advise whilst enjoying your holiday is just to be sensible with your sun exposure. Wear a hat, stay in the shade and use Natural products to protect your skin from damage, avoid poor SPFs full of harsh chemicals!

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