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Acne Vaccine? Really?

Acne Vaccine? Really?

Posted by Kelly Duncan on 3rd Oct 2018

I recently saw an article on Cosmopolitan about a potential Acne vaccine being developed. I mean, flu vaccine? Yes absolutely. But ACNE VACCINE. It even sounds bad for your body.

The vaccine would supposedly be designed to reduce the body’s inflammatory response to the toxins released by bacteria in the skin. However, it doesn’t take a scientist to know that acne isn’t just caused by bacteria. It’s hormones and genetics and even the products you use every day that can cause acne.

Dr Rikin Parekh, Leading Dermatologist at Avanti Aesthetics Academy in Harley Street and Skin trainer at ZO Skinhealth, reported: "Everyone’s epidermis is different so a ‘one vaccination fits all’ ideal may not be completely successful. Ultimately, a good skincare regime tailored to a patient’s skin type using an appropriate cleanser, exfoliative and a toner which reduces sebum will help reduce and prevent acne from forming."

So, there it is. We’re not convinced, he’s not convinced. Lets all just try and look after our skin with a healthy skincare regime first.

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