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About us

Therapeutics skin care is the development of intensive scientific research by Essential Yours LTD, the UK leaders in developing all natural products. In fact, we had some influence or involvement in formulating products for many of the natural brands you see today.

When we first started out nearly 20 years ago there was almost nobody making natural products, in fact organic was not really heard of.

Over the years because so many asked, we developed formulations to be used if you suffer from skin problems. The power of plants makes a massive difference to your skin if you are suffering from a skin problem.

Many doctors can’t get their heads around naturals, yet the very best antibiotics are made from such plants and we all know eating vegetables and fruits makes us healthy.

If you're unsure what might be suitable for you, please do give us a call on 01299 253 994 or email: help@therapeuticsskincare.com - we really do want to help! 

The root of most skin problems may well be from stress, or an infection even a virus but the continual problem mostly comes from the use of harsh chemicals.

Take for example Hairdressers, they are usually plagued with Contact Dermatitis and that’s because the shampoos, conditioners and styling produts strip away at the skin daily. If they did not come in contact with such chemicals, then they would not have skin problems.

It’s often the case that when people stop using products containing harsh chemicals, their skin improves dramatically.

What is a harsh chemical? well that can take forever as there’s so many, (thousands of them) but chances are you will be using them!

Most of the biggest skin product and personal care brands on today’s market are full of chemicals. You're basically washing your hair and body in harsh chemicals and then applying more in skincare. Any wonder that 1-3 people in doctors waiting rooms are said to be there because of skin related conditions, also the danger is such chemicals are now being linked with cancers and major illness.


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